PCB Assembly Services

UK PCB assembly for Global Supply - Design prototype and small volume PCB assembly made easy.

We specialise in prototyping and small to medium volume production, making PCB Assembly Services the one-stop destination for assembly. Our sister company M-Tek specialises in larger, higher volume projects.

PCB Assembly Services makes your R&D easy and fast with our instant quote system.

Our top-class engineers, technicians and customer service team will work closely with you to ensure quality and the quickest possible lead time. We have established ourselves over the last 30 years as a leading supplier of PCBA services with a track record of consistent quality and excellent service.

Our services include:

  • PCB supply
  • PCB assembly
  • Component Sourcing
  • Functional Testing
  • IC Programming

Cable Assembly

Cable assembly service for cables between 12 & 28AWG provided for rigid PCB assembly / rigid–flex PCB assembly.

PCB Assembly on rigid & rigid–flex PCBs

BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN etc. packages can be soldered here.

Flexible PCB assembly

The same assembly process as rigid PCBs, with some additional operations based on the different technical requirements of flexible PCBs.

Case/Box Assembly

A Case/Box assembly service is offered for finished projects.

PCB Manufacturing/Parts Inspection

PCB fabrication and component sourcing will be started immediately once we have confirmed your PCBA order.

All components are inspected. For example, checking that the Value and Package match the description/soldering pad to ensure there will be no mistakes in the assembly process.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly will be started after step 1. Hand soldering and machine soldering are available based on your order quantity.

IC Programming

This is generally done using a computer as a bridge. The computer can upload software into the integrated circuits before they're mounted on the board.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is carried out by our software. This ensures that all requirements are properly satisfied.